1. Pic-Time replaces your need for an expensive slideshow program

Move over Smart Albums. Get lost, Fundy. Pic-Time has a built in program that you can use with the photos you’ve already uploaded. You click one button, then you can name the slideshow, pick the quality, the aspect ratio and even the layout style.

You’ll hit continue and you’ll be taken to a screen where you can add effects to the slideshow and either pick some of their royalty free music or add a file you have rights to.

Read more about creating slideshows with Pic-Time

Pic-Time for Photographers view of blogging

2. Pic-Time replaces your need for an album proofer

One of my favorite things in Pic-Time is the ability for clients to go through their albums and easily leave comments. I turn on the photo numbers so that they can easily look through the proposed album and leave notes so I’m 100% clear on what they want to swap.

You click that incredible “send to client” button to craft your e-mail, and it sends over the proofer for your client.

Pic-Time for photographers screen shot of the album proofing system

3. Pic-Time replaces your need for some marketing funnels

One of the coolest things about Pic-Time is that they have these sales automation apps included. For wedding clients, the first 2 weeks their gallery is open, they get 20% off with an “early bird” discount. It sends an e-mail to everyone who has logged into the gallery so that friends, families, etc. are able to participate in the sale as well.

There are options for different holidays, products, etc. Plus, since you can set your profit margins, there’s such little guesswork involved with you walking away with some profit.

Pic-Time for photographers has a sales automation app

Pic-Time is an incredible choice for a gallery provider for so many reasons, but its ability to completely replace other software options is top tier. There’s some incredible features in Pixieset’s arsenal as well as ShootProof or Cloudspot as they go into the CRM space, but sometimes you just gotta go with those who specialize in something. And Pic-Time understands photographers and their needs.

Looking to sign up for Pic-Time? Click here or use code RRYQ4B and we’ll both get one month of Pic-Time for completely free.