Makeup Mistakes

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When it comes to beauty and makeup, the mistakes you make really can affect your appearance. Bear in mind that first impressions mean everything. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make yourself look beautiful, even fantastic, before you leave your home. There are numerous mistakes we wind up making, even with no idea that we’re doing everything wrong. Like, having one brush which serves your whole makeup needs. An excessive amount of bronze, the incorrect foundation, and mixing makeup badly. Everyone is guilty of lots of them so, to save you from the humiliation of walking around looking like a clown, below are 15 mistakes that you might be doing and, the way to correct them.


You may prevent dryness and flakiness by massaging your skin once weekly or, find other ways, such as cleansing and moisturizing, to eliminate the dead skin cells. Never, ever, use makeup on a dry face without moisturizing first.

2. Wrong foundation

This is the worst error. We are apt to forget that base comes in a wide selection of different shades. All of us have been there at which we choose the wrong base that’s not acceptable for our face. To make certain that you don’t wind up looking like a clown, be certain that you decide on the ideal foundation. Proceed to a shop where they sell beauty products and look for two distinct colors that are close to your skin tone; subsequently swatch the base on the side of your jaw line to determine which base matches your skin.


Moving intense with the bronzer is also among the worst mistakes to make. Too much bronzer makes you look muddy, or burnt, so you don’t need to look like somebody who has just came from a swim in sand. You simply apply Bronzer on areas where the sun hits you; areas like the brow and nose. Remember to use it to the neck also.


We’re all guilty of the neglect. The majority of women make this mistake when applying cosmetics, using dirty brushes and sponges. Dirty brushes and sponges cause breakout. When applying makeup using the identical brush an irregular makeup application happens. To make certain your brushes and sponges are bacteria and dirt free, wash them with mild shampoo and warm water at least one time every week.


It is because a lot of makeup can make you look old. The only time you should apply a lot of make up is if you’ve got severe acne so, instead of that, steer clear of placing too much base on. Rather, use a single coat of concealer and foundation, to be able to cover minor stains.

6. Purchasing constitute without testing

You’re in hurry to get home so you stop by the shop, grab your cosmetics, and leave. This is not a fantastic idea. Recall how you try your clothes before purchasing? The same is true for makeup. You need to check your makeup as it’s critical. When cosmetics has contact with air it changes color and texture because of oxidation.

7. Testing cosmetics in wrong areas

You’re likely doing so right now and this can be incorrect. Normally we test lipstick and foundation on the back of our hands however, this won’t give accurate results. To know whether a foundation is the correct color for you, place it on your jawline.

8. Not having a primer

An important point we ignore. This is the most crucial phase of makeup application because a primer ensures that the makeup slides on easily and enables the cosmetics to stay for longer without fading.

9. Sticking to a product

Most of us have that one makeup product that we love so much and can’t live without using. This habit is quite dangerous as you probably miss trying new and different products.


Sometimes we powder the entire face and that’s not necessary. The perfect way to use powder is to use it on your face in parts that tend to be greasy.

11. Using the same product during the year

So, what worked for you last season might not work this year. The base that worked well on you during summer may have a tendency to be too dry for you skin . It’s wise to change your makeup merchandise based on the season.

12. Implementing the wrong color of blush

This error is widely made. When applying blush, you need to opt for the colour that matches your natural blush. If you’re wearing a bold lip colour, be certain the blush is of a lighter colour.


Avoid making this error. Do not forget that the positioning of the eyeliner is as important as the colour. You should take note of your eye contour.

14. Over-filling eyebrows

For perfect complexion, avoid over-filling. Because when you over-fill, or use a color that is too dim to fill the eyebrows, then they will appear very heavy and extreme.


There’s this myth that when searching for a concealer you need to select a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. This is wrong and a very major mistake. You should apply concealer which is suitable for your skin tone.

If you bear in mind all of the above, you are very likely to seem perfect by avoiding all of the aforementioned mistakes. The above article will be of excellent use to this end.

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