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They are known to be bold, intelligent, confident and New York City Squirrel Removal. Although small in built, Yorkies are so much more than their toy dog looks. Continue reading for fun facts about your favorite dog breed!

They’re a well-rounded dog breed

They may look cute, cuddly and innocent (they actually are), but don’t be deceived by their looks – Yorkies are very courageous and can be very aggressive. These traits, along with their intellect and liberty, makes them among the most well-rounded dog breeds. They are proven to excel in agility and other dog sports, be great in therapy work, be an ideal travel companion and be a loving and protective family dog also. In short, the strain is sugar, spice and everything nice.

They have a rat exterminator background

Yorkshire Terriers may sit like royalty, have up their fur in a pretty bow and look all majestic, but did you know that their background is a bit unglamorous? They were originally bred slightly larger in size in the 1800s for the sole purpose of exterminating rats. As years passed, they stopped catching vermin in underground tunnels and became the companion puppies we know and love today.

In the movie adaptation of the timeless Wizard of Oz, the adorable dog personality named Toto was played with a Cairn Terrier. However, the original drawings from the book’s first edition by L. Frank Baum show that Toto appears to be a Yorkshire Terrier. There’s no means of knowing for sure, but there’s a large chance that Toto was one!

They were originally known as Broken Haired Scotch Terrier

Originally, the strain was known to as Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, Broken Haired Toy Terrier or simply Toy Terrier. To honor the area where they were first bred, their named changed to Yorkshire Terrier in the 1970s.

They’re also a man’s dog

Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, Yorkies do not paint the image of manliness. However, they bond as easily to male owners as they do to female ones. Famous”manly man” characters such as Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, Orlando Bloom and even football star Brett Favre own a Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkies definitely are an interesting dog breed that makes them even more loveable!

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