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One fact that stands out about snowboarding is that it is the fastest growing sport in america today. All of us know that snowboarding has now been incorporated in the Olympic Winter Games, but with each Olympic year, we see an increase in events and participants. There are now six occasions in the boarding games during the Olympics: three for men and three for girls.

Snowboarders at one point were stereotyped as rebel young guys because when the game first started out, it was young guys who were making the boards in their store courses or in their garages. It took young men who were daring and committed to make the game as recognizable and popular as it is now. However, with time, things have changed. Now the game is seeing involvement from both genders and the females can be just as daring as the men.

In 2004, 51% of snowboarders were between the ages of 7 and 17 and in that time there were over six million participants in the sport. If you believe about it, that’s more than half of all snowboarders who were all young. Who knows why the figures turned out this way; it could be because youngsters like to try out the upcoming new thing and with the popularity of the game increasing, youngsters were starting to try it. With snowboarding having origins in skateboarding, again many kids are into skateboarding with the growth of the video games like Tony Hawk. This could be why more kids were engaging in the sport at that moment.

Only 27% of the snowboarding community was women. It was dominated by men and still is todaynonetheless, the proportion of women participants is steadily increasing with time.

Snowboarding is great exercise. Boarding requires the use of non-typical muscles, those that one usually doesn’t use. You use your ankle and feet muscles for steering and for balance. You use your quadriceps and hamstrings to direct the movement of the board, beginning or placing it into motion or stopping it. Abdominal muscles help to provide strength and stability while snowboarding. Competitive boarding can allow you to burn 560-1260 calories per hour of competition depending on your weight and age.

With each passing year, more and more facts and figures are being recorded about the sport of boarding. Because this is a fairly new sport, more and more items are being developed, tried and used. You will see another set of facts and figures being created each year. However, the most popular and interesting snowboarding facts and trivia detail the creation and evolution of the fascinating sport of snowboarding.

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