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Below are some intriguing heart attack facts – learn them and help yourself live longer.

A half million heart attacks happen every year in the USA, resulting in half a million deaths. Over 230,000 women die every year from cardiovascular disease.

A heart attack happens about once every twenty seconds. A death from heart attack happens almost once a minute.

More women than men die from sudden deaths by heart attacks. Women over fifty that have heart attacks which result in death more than twice as often as men. In women under fifty years old, the number of women who die from heart attacks is significantly more than the amount of men.

Almost fourteen million Americans have a history of angina or heart attacks.

About fifty percent of heart attack deaths occur within an hour of the onset of the attack, outside of a hospital. There is a six to eight percent premature mortality rate from heart attacks for those who do live long enough to reach a hospital.

In the years 1983 to 1993, deaths from heart attacks fell about thirty percent, but have not fallen as much for women as for men.

The most common time for heart attacks to happen is on Monday mornings. The second most frequent time is Saturday mornings. Early morning times are far more common because blood platelets are more sticky at that time.

Cardiovascular disease-caused deaths in women exceed to total number of deaths from the subsequent sixteen highest causes. Deaths from all the cancers found in america are only half as common as deaths from cardiovascular diseases. Only about one third of girls could state that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in america.

This limits the use – often beneficial – of the more recent treatments, which work best when used as soon as possible after symptoms start.

If you chew an uncoated aspirin at the first sign of distress or chest discomfort, it can help to reduce the damage to the heart muscle that occurs during heart attacks.

The expenses related to heart attacks exceed sixty billion dollars a year.

Over three million women in the United States have a heart attack history, based on details released by the American Heart Association.

Every heart attack is an event that will lead to permanent heart disease or death.

Heart attacks occur when a coronary artery becomes totally or badly blocked, usually by a blood clot. When the muscle of the heart doesn’t get the oxygenated blood it needs, then it starts to die.

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